One Of LV's fall bags. Sequins and all. too Cute.


One Of Louis Vuitton's Face's for Fall/Winter.


Looking Fierce.

Picture photographed by noted fashion photographer Steven Miesel (who took pictures for her controversial 1992 book "Sex")

This picture as well has created quite the scandal in the fashion world because of Madge's age and the way she looks in this photograph. I on one hand find that this is what Louis Vuitton channels through most of the ads. The ad's are usually luxurious, classy and fresh. Just like this one.

I'm thinking a lot of people just dislike Madonna. Therefor they dislike the ad.

Daily Mails take on Madonna's fresh Louis ad

"Madonna somehow always manages to hold the ageing process back, however for her latest campaign she seems to have turned back time. But the lengths to which Louis Vuitton has gone to keep Madonna looking eternally youthful may be a bit extreme, with the Material Girl looking almost plastic in this latest ad. In particular, the fingers of her right hand seem to have been stuck on - are they someone else’s? Or just bleached to white through airbrushing?

Photo editors seem to have shaved at least 20 years off the megastar, leaving her looking more like Sophie Dahl than her true 50-year-old self. In place of her typically veiny hands - renowned for giving away the true age of a woman - her fingers were smooth and slender. In the ad, Madonna looks ethereal as she reclines in a blue armchair were a burgundy taffeta dress, lacy fingerless gloves and pink bunny ears - similar to the antenna-style headwear she wore to the Costume Institute Gala earlier this year.

While Madonna is in undeniably good shape for a 50-year-old woman, she looks far too young to be a mother-of-four in the new shots for Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter ‘09 collection. The Vogue singer posed for acclaimed photographer Steven Meisel, who shot her controversial 1992 book Sex, who also took the previous season’s ad. The latest campaign makes Madonna look a little more innocent than what has come before. The last Louis Vuitton advertisement in December was certainly more raunchy.

The singer has reportedly been paid £6.5million for the campaign."

Such a huge difference from her Spring/Summer 2009 Shoot for LV.


Also photographed by Steven Miesel.

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