They are FINALLY back in style. Although I will say that I always was a big fan.

This is great for woman.

We wont be needing to shave our legs ladies!! :)

But Beware, this look can look trashy. Know what to wear with it ladies.

Badgley Mischka Platinum Womens Humbie Open Toe

Oh Man.

I know my obbsession with sequins is kind of ridiculous but these Badgley Mischka shoes are Un-Buh-Leave-A-BuLL!!!

Badgley Mischka is mostly inspired by 1940's Glam combined with today's modern couture. These shoes are a prime example of this combination.

The best thing about these is that you can push the sequins one way and it will be one color and you can push them the other way and they are another. Completely genius.

I fell in love with them. love love love.

The woman that worked at the store said they were 300$ which is a bit steep considering most websites they are posted at 190-200 at most. I could probably haggle a good price out of her.

Anyways SO CUTE!! :)



New Shoes.

I just bought these shoes


I'm thinking of returning them. They were 50$ but I know I will probably be over them soon.

Theres also the whole height issue, with those shoes i'm like 5"11.

Montreal has short men, not good for me.

Just Saying

I Cannot Believe It.

My Mom is a lucky lucky woman..

My mother used to be one of these big spender shoppers. When she lived in New York she was always buying big brand names (See D&G, Gucci, Chanel, Prada) She has now become one of those women that don't splurge ever (good for her) but instead of buying her clothes at expensive boutiques she finds treasures in consignment stores, and salvation army's.

I cannot believe my mothers luck recently

She found a beautiful pair of D&G shoes. And A LV purse.

Like are you kidding me?
Not only are they both authentic, she paid 5$ for the shoes and 7$ for the purse.
I'm seriously looking at the cashier and thinking to myself
"No this has got to be a joke"
Guess what Ruby..Its Not.

12 DOLLARS!! I'm seriously still not over it.

Do people not know what they are giving away?

All I can say is that, God, I wish I had her luck.

At least I will inherit them...

Addiction to Sequins? Yes It Can Happen To You Too.

The September Cover of Glamour Magazine Shows Jessica Simpson in this Adorable Gucci Blazer.

Adorable is not always Affordable.

They are saying in the news that Canada's recession is over. I gues
s that could be true but people still don't have 500$ to spend on clothing. This year I'm recycling most of my clothes and just changing up the accessories. Fresh yet affordable. Although I am definetley buying one of these kawaii Sequin Blazers! There are some other cute sequined items that you can find elsewhere, and so much more affordable.

Here are some cute cute items from Forever 21. Which they officially opened in Montreal! I have been waiting for this moment forever (no pun). I adore forever 21, Affordable and always very trendy.


Forever 21 Sequined Dress.


i Love love love this sequined jacket from Forever 21. Fabulous.

And I lovvvvee these Miu Miu Sequin Shoes. Fierce.


God. Who could ever get tired of fashion.

And la piece de resistance bien sur is the Gucci Blazer.

I straight up drool drool drool.


So Classy.


The Cover. The Inspiration. Definite rock star add on to ordinary jeans and t-shirt.