I Cannot Believe It.

My Mom is a lucky lucky woman..

My mother used to be one of these big spender shoppers. When she lived in New York she was always buying big brand names (See D&G, Gucci, Chanel, Prada) She has now become one of those women that don't splurge ever (good for her) but instead of buying her clothes at expensive boutiques she finds treasures in consignment stores, and salvation army's.

I cannot believe my mothers luck recently

She found a beautiful pair of D&G shoes. And A LV purse.

Like are you kidding me?
Not only are they both authentic, she paid 5$ for the shoes and 7$ for the purse.
I'm seriously looking at the cashier and thinking to myself
"No this has got to be a joke"
Guess what Ruby..Its Not.

12 DOLLARS!! I'm seriously still not over it.

Do people not know what they are giving away?

All I can say is that, God, I wish I had her luck.

At least I will inherit them...

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